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Bicycle Advocacy Tour in Iran

  Excessive use of automobiles in cities in Iran has cause pollution, too many death, and stress. It seems more people want to ride bicycles in Iran but there isn’t seem be much of planning for bike lanes. City government… Continue Reading →

Greed: Was it Created by Humans or Was it Already Here as Consciousness?

What if the very ingredients that helped create the systems of command and obedience, as in patriotically model or hierarchical models in general, were not only in human consciousness from very early on in our evolution but they existed long before… Continue Reading →

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About & Contact Living to die of Love. Using bicycle as a way of life and life as way to reach the Beloved. Roz lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon. To see a video of him go to Email… Continue Reading →

“The Wordless is Everything”

To solve the global social and ecological crises we can not rely only on liberating technologies such as bicycle, solar panels, etc, on social innovations such as micro lending, joy in the workplace, etc, nor on the combination of them…. Continue Reading →

Spiritual Sensibility within Social Ecology

Social Ecology and Spiritual Ecology have common goals: Finding and solving the root causes of our environmental problem. However there have been a rift between them and for the past twenty-five years I have been curious as to why. What… Continue Reading →

United Communities of America

Everyone knows which State they were born at and which State they live in but ask people which community they belong to and most people will have a hard time coming up with an answer. They might say that a… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Republic of Iran

The next best move towards a more inclusive Iran and a more powerful Iran is to change the name of the country to Spiritual Republic of Iran. جمهوری روحانی ایران In 2003 I wrote an article with the same title… Continue Reading →


Have we been waiting for someone in the hierarchy of some British university to tell us it’s time to use a single word instead of “he or she” and what word that might be? Well I have stopped waiting. Ladies… Continue Reading →

As White Supremacy Goes Down Will it Also Take Humanity Down?

  Have you ever heard of black supremacy, brown supremacy or red supremacy? How about white supremacy? Yes we have all heard of the later. Supremacy of one race over another was there before white supremacy reached it’s peak in… Continue Reading →

“Make America Native Again” – My Take

When I hear Make America Native Again I think about governing systems here in North America before the arrival of the Europeans. I’m not a Native American studies expert but as far I know here on the west coast of… Continue Reading →

The Reason Bernie Sanders Didn’t Get the Black Vote in 2016

June 12, 2016 Roz Omid   Maybe Bernie Sanders thinks that the poor or middle class black folks in the south who didn’t vote for him in the primary weren’t educated enough about what he stood for. On the contrary… Continue Reading →

What’s so Hard about Being a U.S. Senator?

June 30, 2016 Roz Omid What’s so hard about being a U.S. Senator? A bill comes to the senate floor, professionals staffers help the senator figure out if the bill is good, and finally they vote. That is, if he… Continue Reading →

Sitting Being

Sitting Being is a non-gender, nor age specific reminder of our ability to contemplate or sit in meditation. It is a reminder of our interracial, multicultural, and interfaith capacity to sit together in circles. Or to sit alone.   If interested to… Continue Reading →

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