Have you ever heard of black supremacy, brown supremacy or red supremacy? How about white supremacy? Yes we have all heard of the later. Supremacy of one race over another was there before white supremacy reached it’s peak in 17th, 18th, 19th and even in the 20th century. Hierarchy or the system of command and obedience, the mindset that brought us racism, has been here for millenniums. But forcefully taking people of one race away from their families and villages, putting chains on their hands and feet and transporting them in miserable conditions across the ocean and selling them as slaves in another continent was not done before the peak of white supremacy. Not to mention taking land from Native Americans and killing them in one massacre after another.

Islamic supremacy had it’s peak before 15th century and it was dormant for about 500 years. Radical Islam came back to life during the late 20th century starting with Ayatollah Khomeini when he was able to secure a platform and talk loud and clear against white supremacy. That’s probably why some white christian Americans hate to even hear the word Iran. By the way not only I’m not pro nor anti Islam or Christianity and I was born into a family with a religion other than those two. But I can see that the Iranian revolution put another irreparable hole in white supremacy and the boat is sinking.

Of course within North America since before Civil War groups of white christian people have tried to stop other white folks from going off the deep end of white supremacy. When the United States elected its first black president it shocked the hell out of the white supremacist. Those who believed in supremacy of the white race in the subconscious level and weren’t open white supremacist and for some reason voted for Obama at first began to realize this ain’t just being politically correct and being nice white folks to let a black person be the president for a term. It’s changing the fabric of society and letting the world know that the bulliest country in the world could be run by a black man.

In 2016 his bullyness, the U.S. President-elect said; “Global warming is a hoax” but he knew and knows it is real. What’s more real to the people who supported him was the diminishing power and control of white supremacy. He won at the cost of playing the dirty game of politics very dirty. He dug deep into the hidden racism of people and communicates in a way to establish that economic insecurity among working people is due to the weakening of supremacy of the white race. So now that he has taken care of the business of winning the presidency we’ll have to see what’s his business now:

  1. Bring globalism to the new level of prosperity for all. You’d wish!
  2. Bring prosperity only to Americans, especially white Americans.
  3. Try to bring back the glory days of white male supremacy.
  4. Suddenly realize white supremacy ain’t coming back and push the button.

The last and worse scenario is that he won’t admit that white supremacy is sinking and he’ll try to take all of humanity down just to say that we aren’t sinking, humanity is sinking. Which is not far from truth because the level of our humanity or global humanity has brought forth white supremacy.

It maybe needless to say that not all white people believe that white race is a superior race and on the other hand some people of color believe in supremacy of the white race. Bernie Sander may have examined even the tiniest of his brain cells stored with the believe in supremacy of white but he didn’t quite understood the anguish of African Americans who never moved to Vermont (not because it has cold winters). If he had understood as Hillary Clinton did he might have very well won the democratic nomination and most likely won the general election and the sinking of white supremacy would have been delayed! How ironic is that? 

This election results, November 2016, were depressing to me. His bullyness believes in supremacy of white race and it’s clear. I see it in the people he surrounds himself with and people he’ll choose for his cabinet. He may hire one or two people of color because those folks believe in it without being very conscious of it or they get financial compensation. Or they just want to be different. Also because the big bully wants to be politically correct which is not something we haven’t seen it before in this country but in his case It’s too weird. After all his whole agenda was not to be politically correct.

 Is Obama Twice as Smart as Romney If he is Slightly Ahead in the Polls?

05 Oct. 2012

Did Obama let Romney get just enough edge at the first debate to make his opponent look like a viable candidate? Obama can’t come out looking too smart and make Romney look bad because of the undecided voters. Some of people in question here for most of their lives have been lead to believe that whites are smarter than people of color especially blacks. But they are starting to think maybe that’s not true. There is undoubtedly a shift that Obama campaign has brought on for the past five years and the 2012 undecided voter are opening up to the idea that maybe a black man can become a two term president.

My guess is that if the undecided white voters watch Romney get badly beaten they might come to his camp and to his rescue. Deep down he or she may be too proud of the white race, even if he or she is not white. They may have certain affinity which allows their upbringing rather than their intellect and the facts make the final decision in this election. Obama must have know that and played along in the first debate and not beat his opponent on 03 October 2012.

Let’s do the basic math. I know the lucky young African-Americans hear this often; “you have to be twice as smart as a white man to get ahead.” The luckier ones have mentors helping them get that smart. There is no scientific method to measure the above statement but I am guessing most people think it is true. Therefore Obama is that smart or twice as smart. His strategy is not to look too good and too self confident.

What the undecided voter want is just enough evidence, not too much, to prove that it is for the good of the country as a whole to have a president who can get the middle class out of the hole and get the economy back on track even if that president is black. If Obama shows off as way smarter than the rich white republican it will not get him elected. I believe Obama is that smart and/or God has something to do with it. Maybe God is getting way too tired of seeing American soldiers coming home from a war that was started senselessly and attempted suicide rate amongst the veterans is just too much.

Personally I won’t vote for any presidential candidate but I write this on my ballot, “we need to overhaul the governing system” or maybe I’ll write in what I have written in the past, “No one person is qualified.” I suppose I am an undecided voter too.